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Community table for 40 people, Niches and corners. Simple menu, Pizza & Bowls. Beer recommendations with food cosy atmosphere. Art on the walls and: Blankets. Lively motion. Draught and bottled beers. Beers from friends. Full service.



We bake Neapolitan style pizza. In handmade ovens from one of the last manufactories in Naples. With best flour from Caputo and crushed tomatoes from Campania. The Fior di Latte Mozzarella comes from the cheese dairy Fior d’Agerola and our dough rests and matures for 2 to 3 days. This is what makes it so light, fluffy and digestible. And, to offer you even more, here and there we also have the occasional co-baking with world-renowned pizza gurus who enter our ovens.


Quinoa herb quickie € 6.50 / 11.50 (vegetarian)
White quinoa, herb dressing, bell pepper, rocket, mushrooms, chickpeas, pickled red onions

Just beet it! € 6.50 / 11.50 (vegetarian)
Cous cous, beetroot, lamb’s lettuce, goat cheese, walnut, raspberry dressing

Tuna salad € 6.50 / 11.50
Pasta tricolore, tuna, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, rocket, olive oil



Sausage & cheese selection, antipasti, melon, tomato dip, grissini

Dip it 9,00 €
Panozzo bread, herbal cream, olives

Pizza bread € 4.50 (vegetarian)     
Our pizza, pecorino cheese, garlic oil, oregano



Bear Pizza for KIDS 6,50 €
topping & cheese

Legalize Marinara 8,00 €
Base: tomato; top: garlic, olive oil, oregano

Margherita – the Queen 9,00 €
Base: tomato; on top: Fior di Latte, olive oil, basil


Vegan BBQ € 11.50 (vegan)
Base: spicy tomato sauce; On top: mini carrots, cherry tomatoes, mini corn on the cob, pimentos

Glückspilz € 12.50
Base: cream cheese; On top: bacon, onions, chanterelles, spring onions

Tuna 10,50 €
Base: tomato – On top: tuna, capers, red onions, Fior di Latte

Salami  10.50 €
Base: tomato; On top: salami, fior di latte, basil

Käpt’n pumpkin € 12.50 (vegetarian)
Base: cream cheese; On top: rosemary, pickled pumpkin, goat cheese, pumpkin seed oil, spring onions


Salsiccia 12,50 €
Base: tomato; on top: salsiccia, fontina cheese, aioli, rocket

Spicy in new 12,50 €
Base: tomato; on top: salami spicy, olives, pepperoni, Taleggio cheese

Prosciutto € 14.50
Base: tomato sauce; On top: Prosciutto Cotto, Pecorino, Ruccola, Buffalo Mozzarella, Olive Oil



Chocolate Deluxe 9,00 €
Our pizza, nut cream, almonds

Marshmallow Madness 9.00 €
Airy pizza, pistachio crunsh, mini marshmallows

Hamburger Deern 4.50 €
Vanilla cream, red fruit jelly

Easy Cheesy 6.00 €
Cheesecake cream, shortbread, apricot

Beer menu


How to find us



ÜberQuell GmbH
St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28-32
20359 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 334421260

Our opening hours:
Mon-Thu from 5pm & Fri-Sun from 2pm
Kitchen: Thu-Sat until 11pm & Sun-Wed until 10pm
BrewPub: Thu-Sat from 5pm


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